Funky Bakers

New Deli & Eatery.

Evolving an existing brand with a new visual language expressing the authenticity & cheekiness of its personality.

Original brand created by Requena Office for Funky Bakers.

We help ventures created with passion visualise their business ideas.

A Branding & Innovation Consultancy

Where creativity meets tech and business.

We want you to sell, provoke and be memorable. Easier said than done, for sure.

How do we make it possible?
By having empathy with your customers. Being curious about emerging behaviours and technology. Allocating the right resources. Being swift.

We create brands to express who you are.

Our creativity, sensitivity and keen eye for design is grounded in our love of the Arts.

When problem solving, we admire the pragmatic as much as the æsthetic.

Working with craft and obsessed by details. We like elegant and ‘to the point’ solutions.